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In October 2019, the SELCO Commission voted to pursue a Fiber to the Home deployment to bring fiber internet service to every home and business in the Town of Shrewsbury. Construction on this project began in 2020 and is expected to take five years to complete. 


This superior technology will provide consumers with the bandwidth and speed needed for modern life. Fiber service offers outstanding reliability and symmetrical upload and download speeds that best support learning and working from home as well as video streaming, gaming, smart home “internet of things,” and so much more. 


SELCO’s Fiber deployment will help drive economic development and facilitate smart city initiatives. It is our belief that we are building the foundation needed to keep Shrewsbury a highly desirable community in which to work and live.

fiber to the home

planned timeline


Our deployment plan consists of various phases, starting in the northern part of Town. The interactive map below shows the areas covered by each phase and estimated construction dates. Fiber will become available in individual neighborhoods throughout construction as work is completed in different areas.

Areas are split up by "nodes" throughout Town. Each node has a fiber-ready date estimated by the quarter in a given year. 

To determine when fiber will be available in your area - enter your address in the map below. A key will appear with the estimated fiber-ready date; refer to the key below.

Please note that the estimated release dates are subject to change based on various elements such as workforce and supply availability.


When fiber is available in a specific area, the following will occur:


  1. Customers will receive an email and telephone notification informing them that their area is ready for fiber.

  2. SELCO will contact individual customers to coordinate a site survey in which installation techs review fiber access at each home and install new access drops.

  3. Following the site survey, SELCO will contact the customer to schedule a complete fiber installation.

Note: There will be a "sunset date" for old legacy cable modem service in each neighborhood, which will be communicated to customers through phone calls and direct mailings. Any customer who does not migrate to fiber by the date indicated for their area runs the risk of losing internet access as our old legacy service is discontinued. 

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